Bacteria and infection control is highly recommended for every industry and home. Some workplaces and homes are at higher bacterial risk that others. Touch points especially.


Here are a few examples of places where bacteria, mould and microbials are at high risk:

Institutional and Municpal: Hospitality:
• Class rooms   • Facilities, bathrooms, showers
• Desk and chairs   • Computers and keyboards
• Phones    • Carpets, bedding & linens
• Wrestling mats, sports equipment • Computers, keyboards, phones, remotes
• Locker rooms, facilities, bleachers • Front desk, conference areas
• Gyms, arenas • HVAC filters, AC units, ventilation systems
• HVAC systems, filters • Housekeeping carts and laundry room
• Food service areas, concessions • Healthcare
• Buses, vans, vehicles • Emergency room floors, walls and ceilings
• Carpets, upholstery, railings / doors • Wheel chairs, EMT equipment and vehicles
• Cafeteria, kitchen, vending machines • Reception, chairs, desk, tables, upholstery
• Restrooms, toilets • Patient rooms, privacy curtains, beds, rails,
• Conference rooms • Medical devices, equipment, computers
• Cafeteria, kitchen, vending machines • Carts, gurneys, housekeeping, food services
• Reception areas, cushions, chairs


Construction: Food Industry:
• Hardwood, plywood • Processing equipment
• Drywall, joists, masonry • Shopping carts
• Ceiling or floor joists   • Walls, ceilings, floors, pallets
• Carpeting • Computers, keyboards, mouse and mouse pad
• Cupboards, closets • Transportation carts, vans, trucks, cars, suv’s
• Under sinks, counter tops • Pass thru doors, coolers, chillers
• Wall coverings, cedar shakes • Carpets
• Roofing Tiles • Any high odor area