Food industry is very susceptible to problems caused by bacteria, fungus, mould and mildew. Everywhere you turn, you can find reports on unsanitary conditions inside restaurants or grocery stores in spite of the heavy regulations of this industry.

While many restaurant and store owners do their best to combat harmful bacteria, it is often a losing battle. The biggest problem is the cross-contamination of objects and surfaces. After disinfecting a surface with a traditional cleaner, it only takes one contact with anything that has bacteria on it to contaminate that surface again. So it does not matter how many times you spray a disinfectant spray on the counter, if you place a towel with bacteria on it, that counter is contaminated again.

Combine this with the fact that this industry produces products that go directly into our digestive system and it sounds like a nightmare!

Our product provides the solution to this never-ending contamination loop.

The mechanical technology provides an ongoing bacterial and microbial prevention that eliminates cross-contamination. Since it is non-toxic after drying, it is safe to use on food preparation surfaces.

For best results, use on non direct food prep areas.

Suggested Use

Apply to non direct food prep surfaces to reduce microbial growth:

Frequently touched surfaces
Grocery store shelves
Grocery carts

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