We make classrooms safer for students, parents and teachers by reducing the risk of cross-contamination of bacteria and infectious diseases. Our product reduces bacterial and viral loadings in classrooms and keeps them low for up to 90 days, well beyond any standard cleaning chemical, keeping your operating costs down and the health of students and teachers high.

Reduce substitue teacher expenses and reduce student sick days. Apply our product to the entire indoor areas including air filters, through the A/C system and to all indoor surfaces to create a Healthy Indoor Environment at your School.

Students at your School come from all over the world and international travel carries high risks of bacteria and infections. Our time consists of “superbugs” and cross-contamination, making it crucial for schools to protect their students and staff alike by maintaining a high level of bacteria, microbial and mould protection.

Our product reduces bacterial loadings in your school and keeps them low for up to 90 days, well beyond any standard cleaning chemical. We treat all surfaces in the school, to provide a non-toxic, water-based, long lasting bio-static surface protection. which destroys bacteria, fungus and viruses without poisons, heavy metals or Triclosan. Class rooms can be treated and returned to full operation within 60 minutes. No other product gives the same long-lasting protection.
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