People all around the world rely on our products to safely reduce their risk of illness or infection. Here is just a sample of testimonials from customers who would not consider any other antibacterial / mould protection product.


Vince Pollesel – Plant Manager, Dealer Principal – Crosstwon Chevrolet – click to open testimonial

quote-begin I just wanted to let others know how well your product has helped us with our mould issue.

Our building had old leaky pipes resulted in a terrible unsafe musty smelling mould problem in the women’s and men’s bathrooms which permeated into the adjoining offices. We learned of Canada Antibacterial Solutions Inc. and their product; we requested that they examine and assess our problem. The technician explained the process to us and then proceeded to rectify the problem. The job was completed very quickly and we no longer are experiencing these mould and odor problems.

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone experiencing mould related problems.quote-end

Keith Howe
Plant Manager, Mining Technologies Internaional Inc.


quote-begin 1 week ago I had my 2003 Toyota Tacoma treated by Canada Antibacterial Solutions Inc’s product. I work in a 911 call centre and as soon as I leave work I light up a cigarette, get in my truck and head home. This summer I forgot my passenger side window down and that night we had a rainstorm!

My wife had refused to get in my truck since then, claiming the smell of smoke and mildew was the reason. Since the treatment by C A B solutions my truck is now devoid of odour (As attested by my wife, who now drives my truck everywhere!!) I would like to Thank C B A Solutions and Marc Ethier (North Bay representitive) for making my 10 year old truck smell like a non-smokers vehicle again!!!quote-end

Steve O’Farell
Truck Owner, North Bay.


quote-begin I am happy to report that we are very pleased with the Pathene 500 product. In the past, many of our customers have expressed their concern with skin infections on their structures offshore. ESS felt that Pathene 500 had the potential to help solve these problems. We have set up a team to visit these locations and treat the living quarters with Pathene 500 in order to prohibit the spread of these skin infections. After a four month period, surfaces on certain locations that were treated were tested for bacteria. The results of the test reveal that the surfaces are all within the safe zone and that our customers’ personnel along with our personnel are now working in a safer environment.

We will continue to treat our offshore structures to combat bacteria and viruses.quote-end

Jake Hollier
Director of Special Projects, ESS Support Services – North America


quote-begin My partners and I purchased a multi-family community in Austin, Texas in April 2007. The property needed to find a solution to an existing mould like issue. We needed to find a reasonably priced and effective solution. We were very fortunate that this product was available and able to be utilized efficiently.

We recommend this product and can vouch for the success of this treatment.quote-end

A. David Lynd
Vice President of TPH Holdings


quote-begin We wanted to share with you the excellent reception from our staff regarding your AM500 product. Since we began using your product we have cut our cleaning and disinfecting product cost almost in half. Our infection control nurse has reported zero infections even in our oral surgery suite with is very remarkable. We have now used your product at all of our dental centers and are experiencing the same results at those facilities.

We want to thank your staff for helping us keep our patients and employees safe and look forward to seeing you soon.quote-end

Dr. Armando Rodriguez
Managing Director, Florida Dental Center


quote-begin My wrestlers and I would like to thank you for introducing AM500 to us. We have been using AM500 to treat our wrestling mats, weight room, locker rooms, showers, restrooms, etc. As a result, we have seen a dramatic 90% decrease in infectious diseases such as Ring Worm, Herpes, Impetigo, Staph Infection, Athletes Foot and others including various outbreaks among our athletes.

I am glad there is finally a product that is pro-actively protection our children from infectious causing diseases and I am thrilled with the results of your Pathene 500.quote-end

Jeff Prescott
Penn State University


quote-begin I am happy to report that we are completely satisfied with your product. As you may ecall, three years ago we had a problem at our school with skin infections with our wrestlers and football players that included ringworm, Staph, eczema, and herpes. This was a great concern for our staff and parents. You assured me that your product would minimize the risk of students and athletes becoming infected with contagious bacteria to the highest degree possible. In our case this has proven true. Since we began our program of treating our mats, weight equipment and locker rooms, and also educated our athletes about good hygiene, we have reduced our incidence of infections to almost none.

I would be happy to speak with anyone concerned and share with them our experience with your product.quote-end

Robin Ruh
Facilities Director at Jupiter Christian School


quote-beginI am writing you today to thank you again for helping my family. As you know our middle child has allergies and bad asthma. You have been treating our home with Pathene 500 for over 2 years. My entire family has enjoyed the overall cleanliness and improvement in air quality in our home. Most importantly our child with asthma has enjoyed the biggest improvements. I would estimate that the frequency of his outbreaks or occurrences has decreased by over 75%.

We are grateful that you were recommended to us and intend to spread the good word of your fantastic product.quote-end

John Ducket and Family