Canadian Antibacterial Solutions Inc. bacteria / mould / pathogen control protocol is the safe and natural way to protect surfaces from harbouring harmful germs, responsible for illness and infections. Our Surface Spray Disinfectant contains only natural ingredients that create an invisible antimicrobial barrier on surfaces and provide long lasting protection from bacteria and mould / fungus.

The Ultimate Surface Spray Program

  • bacteria protection Kills 99.99% of most viruses,bacteria, mould, fungus and mildews
  • bacteria protection Safe for humans and animals
  • bacteria protection Non-toxic
  • bacteria protection Non-corrosive
  • bacteria protection Odourless
  • bacteria protection Won’t stain surfaces
  • bacteria protection Resistant to new mutated superbugs
  • bacteria protection Safe for food contact surfaces
  • bacteria protection Lasts 90 days to lifetime for bacteria / virus protection
  • bacteria protection Lasts 6 months to lifetime for of mould / fungus protection

Pathene 500 Surface Protectant Comparison

Canadian Antibacterial Solutions Surface Spray Disinfectant Other area disinfectants or sanitisers (like bleach)
bacteria protection Physically destroys cells Poisons cells
bacteria protection Selective and only kills microbes Non selective and kills everything
bacteria protection Environmentally stable Can bleed toxins into the environment
bacteria protection Pathogens cannot mutate to adapt to it Encourages mutations and “superbugs”
bacteria protection From 90 days to lifetime protection
Most dissipate within minutes
bacteria protection Prevents cross contamination Allows for cross contamination
bacteria protection One application per 3 – lifetime
Daily application is standard
bacteria protection Non-toxic Most are highly toxic
bacteria protection Adheres to any surface Most do not adhere to any surface
bacteria protection Won’t stain Can stain
bacteria protection Odourless & Safe Full of Odour & Toxic